Be sure to look at our Outreach Ministries section for news of our current activities.

How to become a Christian. See SALVATION MATTERS under Resources.

Outreach Discovery Workshop - a new one day seminar for Australian churches of Christ.

February 2011, Melbourne churches of Christ participated in a combined Song Fest in the Boxhill Town Hall. Keith Lancaster (Acapella) directed the singing.

Christians enjoy Camp Manyung, March 2011

Peninsula church Outreach Ministries releases a new evangelism training kit

Outreach Ministries at Peninsula church has designed a new evangelism training series entitled Outreach Explorer - Starter Kit. It has recently been trialed in the Discovery Groups of one of our larger congregations in Melbourne and has been given an enthusiastic 'thumbs up'!

Details of the Explorer Kit are available under the Outreach Ministries section of this site. The material is specifically tailored for churches of Christ and is heavily oriented towards practical involvement by the participants.

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INSIGHT is a free, no hassle, no-obligation offer to anyone who visits with us to share some basic Bible knowledge with you.

We totally respect you as an individual and your right to hold you own views. INSIGHT is a simple factual presentation with no ‘pressure tactics sales pitch’ involved. What you do with it is entirely up to you.

INSIGHT is part of our OUTREACH MINISTRIES program and we are wiling to make an investment of our time to help you.

Don’t forget to ask about INSIGHT when you next visit with us.


Peninsula Church of Christ is one of many similar independent churches of Christ that have a common respect for the Bible and believe and practice simple New Testament Christianity. We are not part of any large centrally run religious organization. We have no ‘agenda’ other than being as honest and consistent as we can in following the Bible. We are not encumbered by religious traditions or other human rules and regulations.

Our congregational worship is simple and heartfelt in the New Testament Christian way. We try to worship God in spirit and truth as Jesus explains in John 4. We aim for an informal atmosphere where people participate, but we avoid being entertainment driven. We especially think it’s important to use the music of our voices and hearts to worship God so our congregational worship is acapella style (i.e. without instruments).

Although we have people appointed to various roles in the church, we expect that everyone participates actively in the life and work of the congregation in ways that suit their abilities and Christian maturity.

Our teaching aims to give members both the skills to apply Christianity in the 21st century, as well as the ability to know what they believe and why they believe it.

We will respect and appreciate you as an individual and that where you are in your spiritual journey might not be in exactly the same place as us at this time. The New Testament asks Christians to speak the truth in love, and that’s what we wish to do.


Everyone seems to have a different idea about what it means to be a ‘Christian’ and there are so many different churches everywhere. It’s easy to take the view that:

Well there’s another option!

If you are willing to investigate a few things about the church in the New Testament and then compare them with what you see in religions today, it will become clear what direction you should take. This is what other people have helped us to do and it really works!

For visitors to Peninsula church we have a ‘special offer’. For a small investment of your time, we will help show you what the Bible has to say about:

  1. How to become a Christian,
  2. The church described in the New Testament, and
  1. What it means to be a Christian today.

The next time you visit with us, just ask about our INSIGHT study. It’s a free, no hassle, no-obligation Bible information study offer.

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To see more about Peninsula church and our core beliefs, see the About section.

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