Be sure to look at our Outreach Ministries section for news of our current activities.

How to become a Christian. See SALVATION MATTERS under Resources.

Outreach Discovery Workshop - a new one day seminar for Australian churches of Christ.

February 2011, Melbourne churches of Christ participated in a combined Song Fest in the Boxhill Town Hall. Keith Lancaster (Acapella) directed the singing.

Christians enjoy Camp Manyung, March 2011

Peninsula church Outreach Ministries releases a new evangelism training kit

Outreach Ministries at Peninsula church has designed a new evangelism training series entitled Outreach Explorer - Starter Kit. It has recently been trialed in the Discovery Groups of one of our larger congregations in Melbourne and has been given an enthusiastic 'thumbs up'!

Details of the Explorer Kit are available under the Outreach Ministries section of this site. The material is specifically tailored for churches of Christ and is heavily oriented towards practical involvement by the participants.

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Ministries at Peninsula Church

Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministries is the description given to some of the evangelism related work undertaken by Peninsula church.

In addition to evangelism itself, there are various related teaching and training activities for individuals right through to entire church growth programs.

The training focus is aimed at promoting the use of effective evangelism methods and to tailor these to the specific needs of Australian churches of Christ.

Outreach Discovery ©

Evangelism Workshop

A highly effective one day outreach awareness workshop has been developed specifically for churches of Christ in Australia to help rediscover and increase a common mission and vision for evangelism.

This workshop has already begun rolling out with churches of Christ in Melbourne and has received an enthusiastic response from participants.

Outreach Explorer ©

Evangelism Training

Outreach Explorer - Starter Kit: This is the first ODP training activity and is used in Discovery Group training classes.

An Outreach Ministry Team Development

Outreach Ministry Team Development Kit: This is an ODP training resource specifically for outreach ministry leaders.

Outreach Safari ©

Evangelism in Action

Outreach Explorer-Safari IMPACT: This is key ODP training activity for Discovery Group classes. It bridges from Explorer (training) to Safari (action).

Outreach Safari Kickoff Project: This is where a major boost to outreach activity takes place in your congregation.

Outreach Discovery Program (ODP)

Outreach Ministries has developed a unique and effective 3 stage approach for developing an Outreach Ministry capability, called the Outreach Discovery Program ©.

ODP Overview Web Rev1.pdf

ODP Overview (pdf) : A summary overview of the ODP and its present status

If your congregation is interested in the OUTREACH DISCOVERY PROGRAM (ODP) send us an enquiry email via the Contact page of this site.