Be sure to look at our Outreach Ministries section for news of our current activities.

How to become a Christian. See SALVATION MATTERS under Resources.

Outreach Discovery Workshop - a new one day seminar for Australian churches of Christ.

February 2011, Melbourne churches of Christ participated in a combined Song Fest in the Boxhill Town Hall. Keith Lancaster (Acapella) directed the singing.

Christians enjoy Camp Manyung, March 2011

Peninsula church Outreach Ministries releases a new evangelism training kit

Outreach Ministries at Peninsula church has designed a new evangelism training series entitled Outreach Explorer - Starter Kit. It has recently been trialed in the Discovery Groups of one of our larger congregations in Melbourne and has been given an enthusiastic 'thumbs up'!

Details of the Explorer Kit are available under the Outreach Ministries section of this site. The material is specifically tailored for churches of Christ and is heavily oriented towards practical involvement by the participants.

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Peninsula Church of Christ (non-denominational) is located in Frankston, a southeastern suburb of Melbourne Australia, at the start of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. We value the concept of being Christians who have a passion for following the Bible in what we believe, what we teach, what we practise and the way we live.

We know there are many churches who claim very similar objectives to us, however not all of them go about it the same way. Many groups put first priority on making their church 'exciting' or 'contemporary' or 'popular' and what the Bible says often gets left behind. Other churches are locked into traditional ways that are not Biblical, or follow man-made rules and ideas rather than true Bible principles.

The Christians here at Peninsula Church of Christ value the fellowship of others who believe and practise simple New Testament Christianity. We especially identify with other 'non-denominational' churches of Christ who have also thrown away the idea that the church is composed of denominations or having some centralized organization structure, in favour of the clear Bible concept of there being just one (non-denominational) church composed of many individual self-organized (but networked) congregations.

In one form or another, Peninsula Church of Christ has been operating in the Frankston area since 1981. We are continuing to find ways of reaching out to our community in a relevant and genuine way and our plans are for continued growth. We have strong ties with other non-denominational churches of Christ in general fellowship and in mutual ministry and support.

You will find a few differences in what we believe and practise compared with various other religious groups. Why is that? Well it's simply the difference between being consistent with the Bible versus being willing to innovate and modify beliefs and practices away from what the Bible says. Some examples of areas where we stay with the Bible are:

1. The New Testament way of becoming a Christian: An acceptance of God’s grace through an obedient faith involving: hearing the gospel message, developing a belief in Jesus Christ, deciding to change (repenting), being public about your belief (confessing your faith), and being baptised into Christ for the forgiveness of your sins (by immersion in water).

2. Acapella worship: i.e. congregational singing without instruments

3. Lack of religious titles: e.g. Reverend, Pastor etc

We place high emphasis on heartfelt worship, sharing the Gospel message, living a joyous life, fellowship and community spirit, and development into spiritual maturity.

What We Believe and Practise

Christian Unity

We hold strongly to the idea of unity among Christians. This is made far easier to achieve when people are willing to let go of religious beliefs, traditions, names and practices that have no Bible origin. There are so many differences of opinion on these things that people get confused and even disheartened.

The Bible contains God's instructions and wisdom for everything that is important. Thus, we firmly believe and practise the concept that Christians can have unity when we follow the Bible and not someone else's opinion or tradition.


One characteristic of non-denominational churches of Christ is that we really do try harder than most, to understand the Bible and apply it consistently.

We believe God expects this from everyone who would call themselves a Christian and so we make no apology for it! As you get to know us a better at Peninsula Church of Christ, you will find that we really do give God's Word, the Bible, its rightful place in our thinking and in our living.

Please take time to explore the articles and other resources on our web site to learn more about us. You'll also want to follow some of the links to web resources from other churches and individuals as this will help you gain a broader understanding of non-denominational churches of Christ. If you can't find what you need, you may want to contact us directly or consider attending one of our services or other events.


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